Why I Make Music…


I make music because of the place that it comes from.  The state I am in when I am making it.  That place where time disappears and everything else dissolves.  The place where fierce joy rises up, unbidden, like golden light filling a well.

That is why I make music.

I believe that this state is communicable thru music.  And that the communication of this state is something as vital and important to us as food, or air, or love.

For me, that is the value of great art.

I am still recording every night; from around midnight till maybe 5 in the morning.

This is my favourite part of the day.  It doesn’t feel like I have a deadline; it feels almost indecently pleasurable, like rolling in ice cream.  The music is a distillation of all the greatest moments from this practice.  It is concentrated joy in a bottle. …

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Transparent clutches 😍

It was really hard to start this DIY it atleast took me a week to figure out how to accomplish this but then found that i could’nt find the answers or right ones to help make this diy easier so i went with my own and created it and designed it the way i wanted it to look.


-transparent vinyl (spotlight) 2 metres
All these can be found at any two dollar shops⬇⬇
-snaps (to link the chain to the clutch)
-closers to close the clutch


-design your own lengths as you’ll find it soo much easier
-once done mark were your closers for the chain and the snaps will go
-fold together
-link the closures is linked to the bottom and sides so all is connected
– add your snaps and add chain
If you have any questions feel free to comment any